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First, PAY NOTHING Until your car is picked up!.Please click on "TERMS and CONDITION" for more details. Second, we are a Carrier, which means that we have insurance coverage and own our own trucks.

Not only are we insured, but we are covered up to 1 million dollars which means that your car rides safe with us. When you receive a quote from others, almost every quote you are receiving is from Broker not from Carrier (Trucking Company).

The majority of "auto transport" companies who populate this industry happen to be just brokers who never even see a truck! With EBRO, since we are the Carrier, we can give you the most reasonable rates, because we do not have to charge any broker's fee.

Most broker's will tell you that how much they care about your car or how long their experience is, etc., But, at the end they cannot take care of your car, because they are not the one who is transporting it. If something happens to your car, Carriers insurance will cover it. With broker when you have any questions regarding of your car and its transportation process your call to broker will put you on hold.. because they have to get answer from carriers in order give you proper answer. With EBRO you will get direct answers to your questions. You will feel more confident.

We understand that your car is one of your most prized possessions and we firmly believe that anyone entrusting such an asset into the hands of a complete stranger ought to have some kind of reassurance. It is okay to deal directly with either trucking companies or brokers, but it is crucial to make sure that if someone tells you they own their own trucks, that they actually do! We're not trying to convince you to use our services, all that we are doing is suggesting that anyone ready to ship their vehicle takes the proper precautions before signing it over. By providing this information we hope that you now have the proper tools needed to make the most secure decision.

Thank you for your time.

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