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There will be a pick up and delivery inspection done by both the carrier and the responsible person. If any damage should occur all moneys owed for transport must be paid to initiate a claim. Damage must be noted on the bill of lading and signed by both the driver and responsible person at the time of delivery and pick-up. This must be done regardless of weather, time of day, or dirt on vehicle. Signing the bill of lading without a notation of damage verifies that the vehicle has been received in good condition and that the carrier is relieved of any further responsibility.
The remaining balance will be collected by the truck driver in the form of CASH, MONEY ORDER or CASHIER'S CHECK ONLY Click on "PLACE ORDER" to send us your deposit.
By either submitting your order online, sending your order by fax or email, EBRO understands you are placing your order and accept the termsand conditions (in lieu of your signature) found here and on EBRO's website.

Automobile Checklist

Antennas: Antennas should be lowered or removed. Temporary antennas for cell phones or CB radios should also be removed.

Keys: U.S. Department of Transportation requires that one set of all keys for the vehicle be provided to the carrier, including the ignition, trunk, and glove box keys.

Alarms: Alarms should be turned off for transport. If there are special instructions required to start a car in order to disarm the alarm, please inform. EBRO is not responsible for drained batteries resulting from an alarm that has not been turned off.

Racks: Remove any luggage, bike, or ski rack that is not permanently attached to the car.

Cracked Glass: Should the vehicle glass have a nick, scratch, chip, crack, or other imperfection, EBRO will not be responsible for damage caused by any pre-existing condition.

Climate: Make sure your car is prepared for any climate. Replenish coolants, transmission oil, anti-freeze and other fluids, as needed. EBRO Transportation is not responsible for preventable damage caused by Acts of Nature.

Spoilers: Spoilers, fairing, air dams or other low hanging items should be removed, or sufficient clearance assured, to expedite loading on the rail and truck ramps.

Caps/Canopies: Caps and canopies on pickup trucks must be properly bolted to the box of the truck to ensure safe delivery.

Personal Items: Do not leave or transport anything valuable in your vehicle. EBRO is not responsible for anything loose inside your car, including cell phones, radar detectors, removable radios, household goods, sunglasses, etc. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) prohibits the carrying of personal items on a truck licensed only for carrying automobiles. Stored personal items can also increase the overall weight of your vehicle, and could cause damage during transport. Any items left in the vehicle are subject to removal upon inspection at state lines by the DOT.

Locations: Make sure that both your pickup and drop-off locations are tractor-trailer accessible. A 75-80 ft. truck must be able to maneuver to and from each address.

Pickup/Delivery Times: Be sure that you have chosen locations that allow someone to be present.

Contact Times: Be sure contact persons are available by phone, and be sure that the phone numbers you provide are direct lines to those persons. Cell phones are usually the best.

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